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P&P Ambassador functionalities:

  • Main directory uploads 
  • Manage your news and articles
  • Add youtube videos
  • Adding your comments (to products and users)
  • Management of photo tags
  • Add your photos Exhibitions
  • Add Photographer reportages
  • Sell your photos on P&P platform
  • Add oyur camera on P&P cameras section
  • Create your P&P website
  • Add your photos to the collections section

P&P Ambassador Account

Ambassador registration on

With Ambassador Account on P&P photographers users can utilize the total of P&P functionalities, like adding photo in the main directory, Add new exhibitions and reportages. This account is recomended to professional photographers, photos agencies, and all people that wish to have a total presence on P&P community and internet as well.


Open now your account on photographers community, and get start today to upload your photos, publish your articles and your photos exhibitions, sell your photos, add your collection images and create your P&P website.

100% of the total P&P functionalities

Total annual cost is only: 89.00 €

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